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Green Landscaping Group

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Green Landscaping Group is Sweden’s leading company in landscaping and maintenance of outdoor environments.

Our business concept is to improve the customer’s outdoor environment by offering services focused on high customer benefit, long-term sustainability, and quality. Green Landscaping began its operations in 2009 through a consolidation of four existing companies within maintenance of outdoor environments, and has since grown both organically and through acquisitions.

Through subsidiaries, Green Landscaping Group offers the market’s most comprehensive service portfolio with the aim of making the city more beautiful and safe. The objective is an environment that provides real added value where people want to be. The operations are divided into three operating segments: Ground Maintenance & Landscaping, Sports Landscaping and Arborist Services.

We are professional in everything we do, and at the core is our staff who, with their expertise and experience, inspire our customers and make their dreams of a beautiful and functional outdoor environment come true. An outdoor environment supported by our services lasts for a long time.

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A growing company!

Green Landscaping Group is continually growing both organically and through acquisitions.


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